Jayda Atkinson, Mom, Wellness Advocate, Spiritual Mentor & Life Enthusiast's gifted portfolio ranges from Celebrity Chef, Music Industry Hospitality Coordinator , Brand Guru, Creator, and Community Liaison. Jayda has been featured nationally on Dr. Oz, Essence Magazine, Food Network; Chopped and the Tom Joyner Morning Show, she is author of two books, ABCs: Feeding the Body and Spirit a cookbook devotional, and the inspirational autobiographical The Storm Chaser.

She is the founder of the Love Lives 365 Foundation, which serves the less fortunate and mentors the youth,Fork and Boot, A Food Experience (Pop-ups and Festivals), Director of Branding with My Mogul Media, NOLA Etc, a space created to celebrate and share the culture, sites and history of New Orleans and it's cousin parishes. Jayda has traveled the world, but there’s no place like home and she enjoys sharing the authenticity of home with the world.

Jayda is a Jack of many trades and a master of Peace & Persistence; Well and Watered is her most recent birth, WAW advocates well-being, a topic that means the world to Jayda. When looking over her life and everything she has created, experienced and overcome the pursuit of peace, power over her emotions, a sound mind and love has always been her goal. Well and Watered was founded to help others experience the same mental, physically and spiritual wellness she possesses.

As documented in her autobiography The Storm Chaser, Jayda has encountered many of life's storms yet her unshakable faith and resilient spirit have helped her to always find joy and peace through it all. From being a homeless single mother of four children, to finding herself being in and ministering to others in jail, to overcoming abuse, family addiction, broken relationships, etc.; Jayda's story of trials and triumph empowers others to turn their pain into purpose, while displaying a joy in the midst of it all spirit. Building brands, pursuing life in joy, sharing light despite what’s going on in the world, Jayda’s got the blueprint for purpose, peace and love.